Chlorophyll Capsules 600 mg – Natural Chlorophyll Pills for Women & Men – Highly BioAvailable Organic Chlorophyll Supplement for Energy, Immunity & Skin Health – Internal Deodorant, Detox & Cleanse

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Brand: Alpha Flow


  • ✅ Pure Chlorophyll Vitamins – Alpha Flow Chlorophyll Organic Supplement provides you with 600 mg of essential for your body antioxidants and vitamins from greens just per 1 serving. This natural superfood is the finest solution to increase your energy levels, support immunity, and cleanse your body from toxins! The simple way to switch to the Healthier Lifestyle!
  • ✅ 100% Chlorophyll Benefits – The chlorophyll is proven to build a stronger immune system, so supplementing your body with our green superfood will elevate your overall health! It boosts immunity, increases defenses, protects the cell from free radicals, and what’s more, it helps to neutralize and balance your body’s pH levels! The greatest support your body deserves!
  • ✅ All-Natural Energy Source – This green nutritional boost is a potent energy enhancer, which literally increases your natural body energy levels! One thing to mention, our chlorophyll capsules help to provide better metabolic functions, so combining this supplement with gym and healthy eating will change your body in no time!
  • ✅ Chlorophyll Natural Deodorant – If you are having any kind of body odors or bad breath – just add Alpha Flow chlorophyll into your daily routine! It eliminates unpleasing odors from the body and freshens your breath by cleansing and detoxifying the blood and breaking down most odor-causing compounds. Stay fresh in and out!
  • ✅ Premium USA Supplement – We are proud to provide you with our all-natural health-boosting supplements, made by using only premium, Non-GMO ingredients. We produce every our product in the USA according to the World Manufacturing Law and following Cruelty-Free guide. We test every new batch before sending you, so you can be sure of the quality and purity of products.

Package Dimensions: 54x119x109

Details: Chlorophyll is a green pigment naturally found in plants and has a rich array of essential antioxidants and flavonoids to benefit your body. Offering you
600mg of pure
chlorophyll per serving, Alpha Flow is a perfect solution to get all greenery’s powerhouse for your overall wellness!
chlorophyll supplement promotes the greatest absorption and BioAvailability, to ensure you get the needed nutrients with only 3 capsules per day!
Chlorophyll Major Benefits:
✅Boosts the immune system ✅Encourages body defenses and responses ✅Promotes antioxidant protection ✅Provides the body with a gentle detox ✅Cleanses the body from toxins ✅Freshens breath and helps achieve clear skin ✅Eliminates body odors
Alpha Flow Liquid Chlorophyll Supplement is:
– Essential antioxidant – Pure, natural energy – Detox and cleanse – Anti-aging support – Overall wellness booster
About Alpha Flow: Balanced nutrition and a healthy active lifestyle are the main factors of wellness. That is why Alpha Flow is intended at creating premium dietary supplements, rich in essentials for maintaining health and well-being! For the supplements, we use only plant ingredients, grown under the strictest control of our specialists, hand-picked, and carefully selected to ensure the purity of products!
All the products are:
✅Made in the USA ✅Vegan-friendly ✅Non-GMO and Gluten-Free ✅Has NO artificial additives ✅3D Party Lab Tested ✅Highly absorbing & effective ✅Easy to digest
We strictly follow the World Manufacturing Law, and produce every product with accuracy and care, so we can trust it for ourselves! Scroll up and click “Add to cart” to up your life quality with all-needed antioxidants!.

UPC: 860007072802

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